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Welcome, to the site!!

You are free to post anything you want about the show The Wire or any of it's stars.

You can also go to my The Unofficial Guide to HBO's The Wire forum, if you like...


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Jun. 3rd, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)
Favorite Quotes?
What are some of your favorite quotes from the show? Here are some of mine from Season 4:

"F** a charge . . . This here is gun powder activated, 27 caliber, 4 auto, no kick-back nail-throwing mayhem, man. Sh*** right here is tight . . . You laughing. I've been schooled do

"Where's the love, Bodie? Where's the m*fing love? I go back so far with this kid, I was chasing him through juvie. But does any of that matter when we roll up in here? I don't get so much as a wave, a nod, a smile? Nothing?" Sgt. Ellis Carver

"What the f* I ever do to him?" -Det. Shakima Greggs

"This ain't the m*f*r that came up with 62 ways for the peanut!" -Det. Michael Crutchfield

"Big paws on a puppy." -Chris Partlow "Big paws on a puppy, to a T." Marlo

"What, the health department shut down Chicken George again?" -McNulty
"I had to duck in here for cover" -Bodie.
"Not a good day to be cross-eyed in West Baltimore," -McNulty.
"Boys off the hook today. What are you behind on your quotas or some such sh*?" -Bodie

"Muy bueno, baby," -Omar Little

"He messes in my murder he pays!" The Bunk. "They're going to beat on your white a** like it's a rented mule."

"Young man, if I was talking to you, you'd know I was," -Cutty


"Aw sh**, Randy got an idea!!" -Namond Brice

"N*, my aunt live in Howard County. There ain't no (chuckling) Ku Klux Klan there." -Michael Lee

"It would work if you had balsa wood. It's really light and strong," -Dukie

"Edward Tilghman Middle." (in response to the question of where he learned the probability of dice games) -Randy Wagstaff

"F* no! As soon as I get this sh** off, I'll be running his a** all over town." -Donut

"B*, get the f* cross the street and plant your a** on the stoop." -Kenard

Words to live by:

"You're going to let me hold that card." -Michael Lee

*******dvd commentary*******

"Reality tv shows done swept them all out" (in response to someone commenting that there is not enough work for "young striving black men"). -Jermaine Crawford, "I will be making my appearance on I Love New York 2. So look out for me there."

"The messed up thing is that they really, really can." (in response to someone speculating if the general public "can't handle the truth" that is portrayed in The Wire) -Tristan Wilds

"It was a show. We're human beings still!" (in response to people asking if he and Tristan "are cool now"). -Julito McCullum

"Now see this is the point if this were a cartoon, you'd see the little light bulb above his head. Bing-k!" -Maestro Harrell
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