Some Thoughts on The Wire

The Wire is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and original television programmes ever made. Its unrivalled scale and depth coupled with a brilliant script make for a rich and complex viewing experience. The format of the show is also innovative, ditching the usual clichés of American police dramas and using a number of dramatic devices that have made it largely inaccessible to a mainstream audience... read more.
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Possible Season Four DVD Features

I found this courtesy of my Dominic West and Deirdre Lovejoy Google Alerts:
The Wire: The Complete Fourth Season includes the following bonus materials:

An exclusive two-part documentary – “It’s All Connected: The Wire,” featuring candid interviews with cast and crew discussing life in the city of Baltimore as depicted on the series, and “The Game is Real: The Wire,” a retrospective on the issues explored in past seasons

Six audio commentaries with cast and crew:
– Episode 1: David Simon (Creator/Executive Producer) and Ed Burns (Producer)

- Episode 4: Actor Jim True-Frost (Prez), Karen Thorson (Producer) and Kate Sanford (Editor)

– Episode 6: Dan Attias (Director) and William F. Zorzi (Writer)

– Episode 11: Actors Robert Chew (Proposition Joe), Julito McCullum (Namond Brice), Jermaine Crawford (Dukie Weems), Maestro Harrell (Randy Wagstaff) and Tristan Wilds (Michael Lee)

– Episode 12: Joe Chappelle (Co-executive Producer) and George Pelecanos (Writer)

– Episode 13: David Simon (Creator/Executive Producer) and Nina Noble (Executive Producer) 

It sounds pretty legit, although so far this is the only place I've seen this info so far.